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Simple Obsessional or Domestic Stalker
  • The most dangerous type of stalker
  • The stalker is usually male
  • Comes from an abusive childhood
  • Is a control freak
  • Cannot take responsibility for their actions
  • Would rather be in a dysfunctional relationship than in no relationship
  • Is hostile towards women
  • If the victim attempts to end the relationship the offender will respond with violence, both physical and sexual
  • Usually clever and actions are often untraceable
  • Will poison or kill pets
  • Makes threats
  • Will harass
  • Will wage psychological warfare on victim
  • Insistent on male dominance
  • Cases become more dangerous as they progress form less personal modes of contact to physical contact.
Love Obsessional Stalker
  • This type of stalker requires no relationship with the victim
  • Examples of this are the fan/celebrity stalker and the unknown admirer
  • Most initial contact is through correspondence
  • This type of stalking can last for years

SAFETY ALERT: If you are in danger, please call 911, your local hotline 541-386-6603, or
the National Domestic Violence Hotline  
1-800-799-7233. If concerned about a computer trail, exit this site now.