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lorrie wingerd

Lorrie Wingerd has been a dedicated Helping Hands volunteer since 1985—just a few years after Millie May founded the organization. Something pulled at the young Lorrie’s heart when she heard what the organization does. ​She was inspired by Millie May’s passion for helping survivors of domestic violence. It was a worthy cause, and Lorrie was happy to step in to help in whatever way she could.


She doesn’t remember the actual date when she started on the board because “I was just volunteering, and then I found myself on the board. There really wasn’t any difference back then. If you volunteered, you were on the board!”

“We were literally calling friends and putting survivors in any safe, spare room we could find.”


We’ve made such grand strides since we started. Millie would be proud. We were grass roots, yes, but not so much anymore. It’s very much run like a real business.”

Lorrie is a wonderful, supportive board member and usually one of the first to step up when Helping Hands needs some help.


Between board service, fundraisers, and projects at our shelter—and even a number of years as a crisis line volunteer—Lorrie has given 100s of service hours to Helping Hands. Her dedication and support is greatly appreciated.


Now, with the additional pledge to remember Helping Hands in her will, her legacy will indeed live on—helping to help women in abusive situations and empower survivors to make positive choices, and changes, in their lives. It’s the most thrilling gift she’s ever made.

SAFETY ALERT: If you are in danger, please call 911, your local hotline 541-386-6603, or
the National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-7233. If concerned about a computer trail, exit this site now. 

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